Study Resource for Both the ABA Basic and Advanced Exam

The M5 approaches the Basic and Advanced exams as they exist in reality: a continuum of knowledge. As such, we do not have two completely different banks of questions, rather a continuum of knowledge and sections that are geared more towards the Basic exam, more towards the Advanced exam, or appropriate for both exams. Each section is clearly marked as such to help focus your studies. It is important to realize that the distinctions between these two exams are often blurry at best, based on ABA content outlines, keyword analysis, and examinee feedback. Furthermore, the Advanced exam is billed to contain both "Basic" and "Advanced" topics.

At the M5, our philosophy is not to attempt to guess what is the minimum you need to know, but provide you with a study resource designed to approach both exams over-prepared and ready for whatever might come. The details and specifics what the ABA will test you on is limitless, but the concepts repeat year after year. We focus on helping you keep on track with the major concepts, provide you examples of the level of detail the ABA expects, and provide you test-taking tips along the way.

We are continually adding and revising questions; and as the time marches on, and as more predictability in topics, level of detail, and emphasis becomes apparent regarding these two exams, we will continue to make more distinctions in our question bank to separate "Basic" from "Advanced." Be very wary of anyone who thinks they can make that distinction now!

Access to the entire database of questions and explanations are purchased together, and for examines for US MOCA, Canadian, UK, or European boards should realize that "Basic" and "Advanced" refers to questions aimed towards a specific ABA exam and is not in reference to how challenging the question or concept is. Equal emphasis should be given to all sections for these test takers.

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