It is not a coincidence that question based learning materials are one of the most popular study resources for medical students, especially when it comes to the boards. Chances are, you have used such a source (either paperback or on-line) for USMLE preparation. The M5 question bank have high quality questions that are board relevant, specifically designed and written to enhance learning of a wide variety of subjects and help integrate them for exam recall. Dreams of getting questions of what the partition coefficient of sevoflurane is or how much pressure is left in an oxygen tank should die now. The boards will test your ability to understand how coagulopathy, renal disease, cirrhosis, and seizure disorder will affect your anesthetic management. You NEED to know this stuff! From basic concepts like pharmacology, sensory distributions, and oxygen utilization to pathophysiologic principles such as cardiac physiology, neurophysiology, and obstetrics and on to clinical matters such as neuraxial anesthesia, cardiopulmonary bypass, and malignant hyperthermia, M5 has it ALL covered.