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Study Resource for Both the ABA Basic and Advanced Exam

The M5 approaches the Basic and Advanced exams as they exist in reality: a continuum of knowledge. As such, we do not have two completely different banks of questions, rather a continuum of knowledge and sections that are geared more towards the Basic exam, more towards the Advanced exam, or appropriate for both exams. Each section is clearly marked as such to help focus your studies. It is important to realize that the distinctions between these two exams are often blurry at best, based on ABA content outlines, keyword analysis, and examinee feedback. Furthermore, the Advanced exam is billed to contain both "Basic" and "Advanced" topics.

At the M5, our philosophy is not to attempt to guess what is the minimum you need to know, but provide you with a study resource designed to approach both exams over-prepared and ready for whatever might come. The details and specifics what the ABA will test you on is limitless, but the concepts repeat year after year. We focus on helping you keep on track with the major concepts, provide you examples of the level of detail the ABA expects, and provide you test-taking tips along the way.

We are continually adding and revising questions; and as the time marches on, and as more predictability in topics, level of detail, and emphasis becomes apparent regarding these two exams, we will continue to make more distinctions in our question bank to separate "Basic" from "Advanced." Be very wary of anyone who thinks they can make that distinction now!

Access to the entire database of questions and explanations are purchased together, and for examines for US MOCA, Canadian, UK, or European boards should realize that "Basic" and "Advanced" refers to questions aimed towards a specific ABA exam and is not in reference to how challenging the question or concept is. Equal emphasis should be given to all sections for these test takers.

Upgraded M5 Website

It's September, the boards are over, and it's now time to look forward to 2015 with a new and improved M5! The M5 has been methodically and meticulously upgraded and enhanced with our biggest and most exciting version yet! Over the past week, the M5 has been undergoing enhancements to the website, user interface, graphic design, mobile browsing, backend code, server speed, usability, and more... the list goes on! But, even with all these great improvements, our core focus stays the same - our members.

We so strongly believe that our clear and comprehensive questions, coupled with detailed explanations, and packaged together in a logical easy-to-use format will prove extremely effective at successfully tackling the boards with confidence. We have all be in the same boat, and we understand that many things come into play when considering the right question bank, but one thing that is certain, is that we will always stay competitive in our pricing, never put the all-mighty dollar first, and have the residents financial and educational achievements in our best interests - you have been, and always shall be, our friends.

As our friends and family, we would love to hear from you as you begin to use the new M5! Please let us know if there's anything that you see which can be improved, changed, or added, and we will do our best to jump on it asap or add it to the future development roadmap.

Thank you again for being part of the M5 family, and we look forward to doing our best at helping you prepare for 2015 and beyond!


It is not a coincidence that question based learning materials are one of the most popular study resources for medical students, especially when it comes to the boards. Chances are, you have used such a source (either paperback or on-line) for USMLE preparation. The M5 question bank have high quality questions that are board relevant, specifically designed and written to enhance learning of a wide variety of subjects and help integrate them for exam recall. Dreams of getting questions of what the partition coefficient of sevoflurane is or how much pressure is left in an oxygen tank should die now. The boards will test your ability to understand how coagulopathy, renal disease, cirrhosis, and seizure disorder will affect your anesthetic management. You NEED to know this stuff! From basic concepts like pharmacology, sensory distributions, and oxygen utilization to pathophysiologic principles such as cardiac physiology, neurophysiology, and obstetrics and on to clinical matters such as neuraxial anesthesia, cardiopulmonary bypass, and malignant hyperthermia, M5 has it ALL covered.

Constantly Updated

The M5 question bank is the backbone of an entire board review system including independent study and interactive lectures. It has been the interactive nature of lectures, and now interactions with you over the internet, through your feedback answering these questions, that has allowed and continues to allow enhancement of the questions and explanations. By making the question bank available on-line, this whole process has beene expanded to a broad audience, and with your continual feedback, the M5 is continually enhanced! Furthermore, on-going development of questions is one of many advantages the M5 has over out-of-date print question based learning materials, (even when the publisher makes the 20 year old questions available on-line).

Question Bank

There is no possible way that anyone (including us) can guarantee you will pass the boards. It is a function of your study habits and knowledge base as well as the quality of the materials utilized. Just like reading Miller’s Anesthesia cover-to-cover is a poor strategy for passing the boards, so is reviewing information from 15 year old exams and concentrating on remembered questions from last year. There is an inherent rate of repeat in questions form year to year, but the vast majority of questions have not been asked before. There IS, however, a very high rate of repeating concepts and emphases. The M5 teaches concepts with the emphasis on understanding so that the information can be extrapolated to the specific question on your exam; not the emphasis on factoids and route memorization that has failed many of those who relied heavily on those types of resources.

With Thorough Explanations

The explanations in the M5 boards review are carefully crafted and are a continual work in progress, laser focused on making the learning of board worthy concepts its primary goal. By reading the question, all of the answer choices, and explanation, you will quickly find that most questions prepare you to answer a variety of different potential board questions. The explanations are concise yet comprehensive, and not bogged down in technicalities and references you’ll never read. Furthermore, like the actual boards, some questions are intentionally written to have two right answers, with one being “more right.” The M5 explanations help you decipher why answer A leads to board certification and answer B leads to retaking the exam next year.

That You Can Take Anywhere

The M5 was designed to be used on your phone or tablet (as well as your home computer), because that’s the way you live. Study a few questions on the bus, while waiting for your oil change, or in the OR. Wherever you go with your phone, the M5 goes with you. Carrying books with you from place to place is burdensome and unrealistic with the final result being numerous wasted opportunities for study. If you have an internet connection, you have the M5.