Anesthesia Resources

The M5 Board Review anesthesia resources page is here to help you with your board study preparation by providing you with an evolving list of resources. Our first resource is a downloadable equation sheet that you'll find described below, along with a link to the equation sheet PDF.

Equation Sheets

We received a request from one of our members to put together a list of equations that might be important to either memorize or at least understand for the board exams. The list of possibilities is seemingly endless, but we are happy to provide you with printable handouts of those equations that are most commonly tested.

Most board questions will not have you precisely calculate a value, but knowing which factors are numerators, denominators, or have a non-linear relationship to the tested principle. An example may be realizing that resistance to laminar flow of a fluid has an inverse relationship with an intravenous tubing’s radius to the forth power, as it would be unlikely to have a board question ask you to formally solve for resistance using the Poiseuille’s equation. Where possible, equations are simplified and negligible factors are omitted for better learning and easier memorization.

Click here to download the M5 Equations Sheet
Format: PDF
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